Electronics Raspberry Pi

Connect AM2320 temperature and humidity sensor to Raspberry Pi

This year I wanted to grow a lot of vegetables in the garden behind our apartment. The last few years I already grewed tomatoes and cucumber on my balcony. Of course a garden is so much better to grow stuff … Read the rest

iOS Development

Draw graphs and charts in Swift easily with CareKit

Did you ever want to use Swift to draw simple graphs and charts in your iOS app without using some 3rd party library? Also you did not want to reinvent the wheel with CoreGraphics? I thought that was not possible … Read the rest

Raspberry Pi

Minimal setup of Raspberry Pi Zero W with ssh over wifi connection.

Download Raspbian Lite Image:

Find your SD-card with:
diskutil list

Unmount SD-card with:
diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX (X is the number of your SD-card you found out in the step before)

Copy the image to your SD-card with:
sudo Read the rest