European Accessibility Act in short

This article is not complete in any way. I am also not a lawyer. I try to add updates whenever something happens though πŸ™‚

In the US, creators of inaccessible digital products can already be sued because of the Americans … Read the rest

Accessibility iOS Development

(Mobile) Accessibility Links

This is a frequently updated list of links regarding accessibility I found worth saving. It’s currently focused on mobile (especially iOS development) as this is my main area right now.

Last update: 5th July 2023

Guidelines & Standards

This section … Read the rest


How to fix “Error establishing a database connection”

TLDR: Try doing a “Powercycle”, i.e. shutdown and restart your server. I had a button for that in my server’s control panel.

Yesterday night, I updated some WordPress plugins. Everything seemed to have went well, so I closed my … Read the rest