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Quickly unpack xip files

Ever wondered why unpacking a new Xcode release takes soooo long? I don’t know either. Probably a lot of time is spent on validating signatures or other things. Anyway, sometimes you just want to quickly unpack it.

Here comes unxip it’s an open sourced and easy to use command-line tool for unpacking .xip archives.

The easiest way is to install it via brew using:

brew install unxip

Alternatively, you can get the release (or source code) at its Github page:

E.g. when you downloaded Xcode 15 beta 6 you just type:

unxip Xcode_15_beta_6.xip

That’s it! It will take a fraction of time compared to unpacking it via “Archive Utility” or something similar. In the Readme on Github you can see explanations on why it’s way faster.

Happy unpacking! 🥡

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