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Fix crashing when opening projects in XCode 11.3

Today I had some problems with a project that I wanted to continue working on today. Yesterday everything went fine but today XCode crashed everytime I tried to open it 🙈

Luckily there is a fix, that I found in a blog from 2014 😅 (see link below). I had to do one additional step to make it work again. So here are all the steps I needed:

  1. Go to your project folder, right click on your project file (*.xcodeproj), click “Show package contents”
  2. Delete the folder xcuserdata
  3. Right click open project.xcworkspace inside that project file, delete xcuserdata there as well.
  4. Delete everything in your beloved Derived Data. Its default location is ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData.
    You can also navigate there from within a working project via XCode’s menu: Xcode/Preferences/[Tab] Locations/[click on the arrow near the path of derived data]
  5. Your broken project should open now.
    If it does not build, e.g. with some “.plist error”, you should clean your build folder by pressing [Shift] + [CMD] + K

Now everything should work again 🎉


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