Michael Steudter is an iOS Developer, mainly working on a banking app as a fulltime job. Besides that he likes to work on small Indie apps.


May 2020: Garden App, now Florra

The first commit for Florra (which didn't had a real name back then) was on May 8, 2020. At some point I started feeling more serious about it and created a Kanban board for this and all of my other app projects. This helped me a lot focussing on a certain task in the evenings where I had time to actually implement something. The year 2022 was probably the most productive. I fixed a lot of stuff, wrapped up some features and started preparing for the first release. I also never implemented a paywall in any app before so I researched some and created a simple one myself. In December I was finally ready to submit the first release and on 8th of December v0.2 finally went live 🥳

Since November 2019: Bank Job and Millions of Users

I started working at Code Factory GmbH which is a 100% daughter of DKB AG. When I started I was really Junior, the app was started some months earlier and worked together with really great people right from the start. I learned a lot of stuff from ground up and progressed from Junior to Mid level up to Senior level. A great interest of mine is Accessibility which I am really trying to push within the company. As of now, the app is used by more than a million users which is quite a thing for me as I never worked on code before that is used by so many people.

April 2018: Things are becoming serious

I was very, very, VERY lucky getting my first job as an iOS Developer without asking anyone. I did not really plan to become a developer at that time as I was still sudying Human Factors and was working towards some UX-researcher career. The CEO of a rather small agency found me on Xing (kind of the German LinkedIn) and asked if I might be interested in a working student job. I thought it might be really fun, I would learn a lot and I could finally stop my quite boring content managing job for some other university. Besides that, this job payed more than double.

Early 2017 (maybe late 2016): Started iOS Developing

The oldest Xcode project I found on my machine is from 10th January 2017. Probably around that time when I still lived in Berlin I got my fingers onto an iPod touch and started with some Udemy tutorial. Mainly I wanted to develop something interactive on a touchscreen device. I was not hooked immediately and it was all for fun, I did some spaghetti coding whenever I was in the mood. During that period I started a lot of projects but I did not really finish anything and also wasn't planning to becoma an iOS developer at that time. I was still deep in my Human Factors masters programme at TU Berlin.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "2022: CPACC Certification by IAAP" Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)